The AlfAndrews Medal is the medal awarded every season in the Sweet F.A. to the player who kicks the most goals in home-and-away-season matches that season. It is named after prominent former poster AlfAndrews, who kicked 85 goals from 41 matches and won the inaugural award.


Season Winner Team Goals (not inc. finals)
Season 01 AlfAndrews Team Kournikova 61
Season 02 Red Baron Razors 74
Season 03 BT Mount Buller Demons 72
Season 04 Groove Alberton Swamprats 108
Season 05 rizzo Geelong Gumbies 96
Season 06 Kretchy Fighting Furies 65
Season 07 McPHEE_IS_A_GUN Sharks 64
Season 08 YOTC East Side Hawks 71
Season 09 YOTC East Side Hawks 51
Season 10 Tugga Fighting Furies 72
Season 11 Okeydoke_7 Southern Dragons 71
Season 12 Tarkyn_24 East Side Hawks 57
Season 13 Winty Geelong Gumbies 69
Season 14 Juggalo Balla Mount Buller Demons 44

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