Baghdad Bombers
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Baghdad Bombers FFC

Full name Baghdad Bombers Fantasy Football Club
Nickname(s) Bombers
Season 14 season
Premiership 1st
Home-and-away season 3rd
Leading goalkicker Matt121 (38)
Best and fairest Shadow Man
Club details
Founded Season 04 refIntroduced as BigFooty Bombers, renamed to Baghdad Bombers in S09
Colours Red and Black
Competition Sweet F.A.
Captain(s) beez
Premierships Three
Ground(s) Abdu Prison

The Baghdad Bombers is a fantasy football side participating in the Sweet F.A., founded in Season 04.

Originally named the BigFooty Bombers, it is one of the most successful clubs in the SFA, having won three premierships since its inception, second only to the Furies.


We are the bestest.


Black and Red.


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Club SymbolsEdit

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Current SquadEdit

Baghdad Bombers Season 15 squad
Full squad Leadership


  • beez
  • loopy_cam

Assistant coaches

  • Shadow Man
  • Gee Dub

  • (c) Captain
  • (vc) Vice captain
  • (r) Rookie
  • (hvc) Honorary Vice Captain

Club HonoursEdit

  • Premierships: S14
  • Minor premierships:
  • Pre-season premierships:

Honour RollEdit

Season Captain Best and Fairest Leading Goalkicker
S04 dougthelegend Stegelator dougthelegend (128)
S05 waspy Brisbane Bombers Brisbane Bombers (68)
S06 dougthelegend ant555 Brisbane Bombers (50)
S07 ant555 boncer34 Nonchalance (46)
S08 High Ryder Unknown High Ryder (34)
S09 doggiesin08 and loopy_cam loopy_cam High Ryder (28)
S10 loopy_cam and sausageroll sausageroll HawkPatrol (47)
S11 sausageroll Unknown HawkPatrol (65)
S12 loopy_cam unknown loopy_cam (34)
S13 loopy_cam Shadow Man Farrand (43)
S14 loopy_cam Shadow Man Matt121 (38)

Individual awardsEdit

ant555 MedalEdit

Stegelator (Season 04)

Brisbane Bombers (Season 05)

ant555 (Season 06)

Boncer34 (Season 07)

unknown (Season 08)

loopy_cam (Season 09)

sausageroll (Season 10)

unknown (Season 11)

unknown (Season 12)

Shadow Man (Season 13)

Shadown Man (Season 14)

Mobbenfuhrer Medal winnersEdit

Stegelator (S04)

EKA Medal winnersEdit

Frankston Rover Award winnersEdit

AlfAndrews Medal winnersEdit

All-SFA representativesEdit

(Season 04) - Mantis; Stegelator; Dougthelegend

(Season 09) - Doggiesin08; loopy_cam; HawkPatrol

(Season 10) - Doggiesin08; HawkPatrol; Efl_represent; sausageroll

(Season 11) - sausageroll

(Season 12) - loopy_cam

(Season 13) - loopy_cam; Farrand

(Season 14) - beez; Matt121; Shadow Man


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Baghdad Bombers
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