A phrase coined for the current SFA administrator Boncer34. The ability for the Admin to pass a ruling or show leniency towards a situation outside the rules of the game. Generally done with the health and well being of the SFA in mind.


Introduced as part of the SFA in S14 when Boncer addressed several appeals to some potentially harsh penalties passed down (especially during a holiday period). Boncer upheld most appeals and removed the penalty points across several teams.

In a follow up thread Boncer addressed the issue and the term in Boncer- The man, the legend, the icon [1]

HC: Ok so let’s have a quick look at the controversial part of this season, “Boncers Law.” What do you have to say about that?

B: Well first I still find it highly amusing that some people who said I was too inflexible with the rules are now the same ones whinging I’m to flexible. Second I also find it amusing that some of the others who said I was too inflexible and freely put their boots in now don’t bother saying anything at all. Seems like I killed their fun.

HC: Ok but about the rule itself. Why bring it in? B: Because, and I can’t believe I still have to explain this, this is a FANTASY competition. It’s not real; we don’t play for sheep stations. We play for a bit of bloody fun. Thus when someone like Croweater forgets that he’s named someone at HFF and FP when his positional changes clearly states where everyone should be I don’t see why it should cost them a point, it’s obvious what he meant and clearly it didn’t affect anyone. When someone like St Fly puts a side in an hour late again it doesn’t affect anything. It isn’t like we have the press at our doors demanding to know our teams, so he missed the deadline by an hour big deal. It’s a game kiddies move on. This place is getting far too serious and dedicated about its rules. Anyone would think we’re running the United Nations here.[2]


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