OFG Warriors - DeeWong's team.

Personal information
Full nameD. Wong
Nickname(s)Biggest Mad Dog, Swag King, Yolo Superstar
Place of birthWarrior Wastelands
Height/Weight69cm , 96kg
Club information
Current clubOFG Warriors
Playing career1
YearsClubGames (Goals)
S16OFG Warriors0 (0)
Representative team honours
YearsTeamGames (Goals)
Vic Metro
1 Playing statistics to end of season .
Career highlights

Page made by Karny

DeeWong6996 is a player for the OFG Warriors in the Sweet FA, has been quoted as considering himself a 'Biggest Mad Dog, Swag King, Yolo Superstar'. He is said to be a mix of Brent Moloney and Stefan Martin in his playing style.


Season 15Edit

Joined after season 15 and became an active advocate to the Warriors cause.



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