Personal information
Full namefooty_fumbler
Height/Weight189 cm / 100 kg
Club information
Current clubGold City Royals
Playing career1
YearsClubGames (Goals)
Fighting Furies
Baghdad Bombers
14 (11)
12 (3)
4 (5)
30 (19)
Representative team honours
YearsTeamGames (Goals)
S12Vic Metro
1 Playing statistics to end of S15 season .
Career highlights

Season 12 preseason cup.

fumbler (formerly known as footy_fumbler and aRT8t) is a player in the Sweet FA, and currently a part of the Gold City Royals bid.


Season 12Edit

He started playing for the Southern Dragons in Season 12 as footy_fumbler.

Season 13Edit

Controversy struck the Dragons at the end of the season, when a a group of trouble makers signed for season 13, seeing no fewer than 6 Dragons leave for other clubs. Season 13 saw fumbler make the move to the Fighting Furies after then-captain Equus decided to share his favourite nude pic of Richo, an up and down season and a Real Life drama led to the relationship being an unworkable one.

Season 15Edit

fumbler sat the whole of Season 14 and part of Season 15 out, until the idea of expansion struck. He decided to start up the Sunstate Norveners, a team dedicated to housing those from the northern areas of Australia. The bid wasn't very successful, and as such he accepted a bid to join up with the expansion side, Gold City Royals.

While waiting for Season 16, he played out the season with the Baghdad Bombers.

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