Personal information
Original teamSouthern Dragons
Club information
Current clubOFG Warriors
Playing career1
YearsClubGames (Goals)
Southern Dragons
West Coast Wonders
East Side Hawks
10 (3)
18 (26)
17 (10)
45 (39)
Representative team honours
YearsTeamGames (Goals)
Series 8-Allies, Vic Metro4 (14)
1 Playing statistics to end of S15 season .
Career highlights

Jobe3votes (previously known as DonsStormLFC and HurleyGun) is a fantasy football player currently aligned to the expansion team bid, the OFG Warriors. He is infamous throughout the Sweet FA for his oft-criticised posting style yet his resilience is to be commended.


Season 13Edit

Jobe3votes began his career with the Southern Dragons, booting 10 goals in his 10 games, in a promising debut season.

Season 14Edit

Jobe3votes continued his career at the West Coast Wonders, slotting 18 majors in 18 matches. Jobe was proud of his Wonders career but had to move on.

Season 15Edit

Jobe3votes moved to the East Side Hawks amid controversy, and entrenched his infamous image in the league. He made it clear of his desire to play as a key position forward but it was not fruitful, kicking only eight goals for the season.

Taking on the role of match poster, with loopy_cam struggling with the duties of simming, Jobe enjoyed a newfound part to play, and as such was rewarded with the Frankston Rover Award.

Season 16Edit

Jobe3votes announced his intent to leave the East Side Hawks, directing his attention towards expansion. He signed on to the OFG Warriors as vice captain of their bid, with intentions to be a leading driver in the entry.

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