Full name Member of One PAFC
Nickname(s) MoOP - even though no-one seems to be able to spell it right
DOB 12/10/2012

Alberton Swamprats

South Australia (SoO)

Western WoodPeckers

Seasons Alberton Swamprats - 16, 17

South Australia (SoO) - 11, 12

Position(s) Midfield Rover, RH Batter
Games & Goals Alberton Swamprats - 25 & 16

South Australia (SoO) - 10 & 9

Awards Runner Up B&F - ASR S16

Captain's Award - ASR S16

Other Teams Port Adelaide, there is no other...except Manchester United
MoOP orig

Links to info 'bout MoOPEdit

Links to MoOP's TeamsEdit


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