Mr Gor
Geelong Gumbies S14 Logo.jpg
Personal information
Date of birth1 Jan 1994
Date of deathTBC
Place of deathTBC
Original teamGeelong Gumbies
Height/Weight185 cm / 78 kg
Position(s)Midfield / Half Back Flank
Club information
Current clubGeelong Gumbies
Playing career1
YearsClubGames (Goals)
S15S16Geelong Gumbies24 (18)
Representative team honours
YearsTeamGames (Goals)
SoO #10Vic Metro5 (9)
1 Playing statistics to end of season .

Mr Gor (born 1 Jan 1994) is a current Sweet FA player for the Geelong Gumbies. His natural position is on the wing however his defensive mindset is best suited on the half back flank, where he can still run off his man to create play if need be.

Player HistoryEdit


When Mr Gor stepped onto the scene as a free agent late in Season 15 he was approached by three teams - the Southern Dragons, the Baghdad Bombers, and the Geelong Gumbies. He was slated to sign with the Baghdad Bombers, mainly because they extended their offer first, so he introduced himself around the club to get friendly with his future teammates. After discovering that he might be playing in the magoos for the Bombers, Mr Gor got cold feet. The Gumbies offered more of an opportunity to play senior footy, and therefore choosing the Gumbies over the Bombers seemed like the right career move. He respectfully explained his situation to Bombers' management, but this rustled many jimmies and Mr Gor instantly gained the hatred of an entire club without having even played a game.

After that it didn't take long for Mr Gor to sign with the Gumbies leaving the whole city of Baghdad shaking their fists in the direction of the nearest clay factory. He signed a 1-year deal with the plan of exploring his options at season's end, but has settled well into Geelong and is enjoying transportation by sliding on one foot, and will most likely seek out an extension.

Season 15Edit

Mr Gor was named on the half back flank for his debut game. While he was able to beat his man 1-on-1 most times and get his hands on the footy, his disposal was sub par. The Gumbies were able to win the game, but Mr Gor wasn't satisfied.

Since then, he became a regular fixture in the midfield and impressed with clean hands and a solid workrate. In a bizarre turn of events he even took the reigns as captain in the last game of the season as the Gumbies shook up their whole lineup. Unfortunately they lost to the Demons by 2 goals and it'll probably be a while until he sees captain duties ever again.

Mr Gor went on to win The Gumbies' "Best Rookie" award at the end of the year.

Total games played (and goals) = 8 (3)

Season 16Edit

Season 16 was an extremely prosperous one for Mr Gor as he secured a permanent spot in the midfield. He played every game as a center and went on to lead the league in disposals with 422 (36 ahead of 2nd place), which is a touch over 26 possessions a game. He also finished 2nd in marks with 98, and kicked 15 goals.

On the flip side, he was equal first in frees against with 28.

Total games played (and goals) = 16 (15)

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