Personal information
Nickname(s)The Relinquishing Falcon
Original teamMount Buller Demons
Position(s)Midfield, Forward
Club information
Current clubBaghdad Bombers
Playing career1
YearsClubGames (Goals)
Mount Buller Demons
Southern Dragons
Baghdad Bombers
East Side Hawks
Baghdad Bombers
27 (72)
21 (71)
17 (16)
2 (1)
19 (36)
67 (160)
1 Playing statistics to end of S15 season .

okeydoke7 is a current player for the Baghdad Bombers in the Sweet FA, and a former member of the Mount Buller Demons, Southern Dragons and East Side Hawks. A controversial figure, Okeydoke7 has been subjected to many nicknames over the course of his career. The simple shortening, "Okey," was superseded by "okeyjoke7" "jokeyjerk" "OD7" and "turncoat flog."

He started his career with the Mount Buller Demons, joining in the latter stages of S09 and playing predominantly in defence. Strong posting lead to him securing the full-forward position for S10, in which he won the club's leading goal kicking award. After a tumultuous season, Okey was temporarily instated as captain of the Mount Buller Demons, a position which he stepped down from almost immediately to pursue other options.

Okey found himself on the sex market, and ended up choosing the Dragons as his preferred destination for S11. He won the league's leading goal kicking award in his strongest season, but the lack of on-field success saw him move to the Bombers. This kicked off a tumultuous period for Okey, who quickly became inactive and then retired. An attempted comeback was granted by the East Side Hawks, but it was a failure, resulting in just a handful of games and the admission that the return was ill-fated.

Season 15 saw the real return of Okey, despite understandable doubts from the SFA public. He has been quoted as saying that he is enjoying the SFA again, and is very happy to be back. He blames his unwillingness to remain on a list while not contributing as the main reason for his period of inactivity and failed comeback bid. Late in season 15, Okey outlined his involvement and support for expansion, the first player to openly admit to such activities involving a new franchise. However, Okey publicly committed to the Baghdad Bombers for Season 16, in a bid to make sure they can become the powerhouse of the past.

Okey has been known to be controversial and at times egotistical. He specialises in media threads and has a special interest in player development and retention. He has not played a final in his SFA career, which would be close to a record given the amount of games played and the chances each team has of playing finals. There is also a good chance that Okey has way too much time on his hands, after re-writing this player bio Hamish Mclachlan style.

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