The Season 15 Mobbenfuhrer Medal is the award given to the best and fairest player of Season 15. It was presented on November 19, 2012.

The medal went to premiership player Wise Guy Sam from the West Coast Wonders, in record fashion, polling an all-time high 27 votes.


Player Votes
1st Wise Guy Sam (Wonders) 27
2nd Easty (Dragons) 21
=3rd Eagleoz83 (Furies)
royboy2 (Gorillas)
=5th Gee Dub (Bombers)
Grockadoc (Furies)
7th Eth (Demons) 15
=8th ShaunDuggan (Wonders)
Marklar_33 (Gumbies)
10th peterss (Gumbies) 13

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