Season 15 SFA Grand Final
1 2 3 4
WON 4.1 (25) 9.8 (62) 14.14 (98) 20.17 (137)
FUR 5.7 (37) 10.11 (71) 15.15 (105) 19.17 (131)
Date 5 November 2012, 7:30pm
Stadium House of Gumby
Attendance 136,000[1]
Conditions Cloudy
Deestroy Medallist Cutty
Match simulator loopy_cam
Match poster Jobe3votes
Match thread
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The Season 15 SFA Grand Final was a fantasy football game contested between the West Coast Wonders and the Fighting Furies, held at the House of Gumby on 5 November 2012. The Wonders were victorious by six points in a heart-stopping contest, securing their third premiership in their history after previously winning the flag in seasons 01 and 13. Furies half-forward Cutty was awarded the Deestroy Medal post-match for the best player on the ground, an admirable feat in a losing side. League-wide, the game was a huge success with a massive 68 individual posters taking part in the 1000-post strong match thread.


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