The Half Back is a classy, skillful right footed wingman who ironically plays on the wing for his fantasy football team the Southern Dragons. He is the reigning EKA Medallist and the biddies love him. It is ruoured that The Half Back has been known for turning down 10's to pursue girls that are hotter (if that's possible.)

He is known in the SFA for his mass posting and hate for HurleyGun formally known as Jobe3votes. The Half Back came up with the not so popular nickname for Jobe, Grope3blokes.

The Half Back was once the resident spammer at Dragon Island but with the introduction of MD he has been pushed down the pecking order. He is also a part of the Southern Dragons leadership group also consisting of Gibbsy, WAG, vice captain Easty and captain Ljp86.

Early in his career there was an incident involving The Half Back and Beez which really set the kids world on fire. It is believed that The Half Back credited his EKA Medal win to Beez for tearing him a new one.